Corporate information

IMH Campus is an educational campus specialising in advanced and digital manufacturing, which works in a network with local and international strategic alliances, and offers, on the one hand, high-value training for people, through university education, vocational training and continuing education and, on the other hand, services for companies through technological and organisational innovation projects.

IMH Campus currently has three strategic technological areas: Digital Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing in Machining and Additive Manufacturing.

IMH Campus's relationship with companies is natural and vocational. It is the pioneer centre in Spain in DUAL training since 1996 and a faithful promoter of the Business-Education binomial, trying to bring our value to both students and companies, especially in the field of Industry 4.0.

IMH Campus is made up of the IMH Integrated Vocational Training Centre (member of Ikaslan Gipuzkoa) belonging to the Department of Education of the Basque Government, and the University School of Dual Engineering, centre attached to UPV/EHU.

IMH Campus is an integral part of AFM Cluster and an Agent of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network.


The project began in 1986 as an initiative of a group of professionals from the Elgoibar Vocational Training Centre, who, after receiving the support of companies and institutions in the Basque Country, set up the Foundation for Technical Training in Machine Tools (see the composition of the board of trustees). The IMH Campus headquarters were inaugurated in 1991 in Elgoibar.


Mission (2020-2023)

To contribute to the increase of the innovative capacity and business dynamism in the industrial sector in the Basque Country through actions that affect the competitive development of people and companies:

  • Offering training solutions, services and technological dissemination adapted to the specific needs of each interest group.
  • Activating lifelong learning.
  • Meeting the problems of companies and proposing individualised solutions.
  • Creating a fertile work environment in which innovative and quality ideas and projects are developed naturally.
  • Providing, above all to small and medium-sized enterprises, an intermediary service with the innovation system and the dissemination and transfer of the knowledge generated.

Vision (2020-2023)

IMH Campus is a European benchmark Campus for Advanced and Digital Manufacturing in these fields, growing technologically and geographically, with a flexible and customer-oriented organisation, working in a network with local and international strategic alliances.

Values (2020-2023)

We wish to be a reference model by applying the following ethical principles and values. The values of the centre reflect our orientation towards Total Quality:

Continuous improvement: We believe that everything we do every day can and should be improved in a relentless search for excellence in our actions to better serve our stakeholders where we recognize that complacency means decline.

Innovation and creativity: We believe that we must transform the present by creating a fertile working environment in which innovative ideas and projects can develop naturally.

Own culture: We affirm that we will be able to create a "school culture" of our own, based on the freedom and autonomy of people, and which facilitates an integral and harmonious development of people to adequately face the challenges of work and life.

Leadership: We believe that we must strive to be leaders in everything we do to meet the commitments we have made to our stakeholders and thus become a permanent reference model.

Service: We believe that we are at the service of social and human progress, promoting the training of people and providing technical support to companies, to the educational system itself and to society in general.

Cooperation: We believe that our actions should be based on teamwork among equals, in a coordinated and shared way among all the members that make up our community (public institutions, companies, trade unions, professionals, parents and students).

Management model: We believe that our organization must have an efficient and unitary management, which allows us to act with capacity of maneuvering to face our present and future challenges.

Learning: We believe that people are the fundamental factor for the development of our organization, so we must create and maintain a work environment that favors communication and continuous learning.

Confidence: We believe in a system of relationships based on trust and mutual support, where we allow ourselves to be evaluated by our clients, respect the opinions of others and share available information.