Postgraduate courses

The IMH's own postgraduate courses, organized in collaboration with the UPV/EHU, are specialised university courses that are flexibly adapted to industrial demand and contribute decisively to the orientation or reorientation of professional careers.

Find out about the university specialisation degrees offered by the IMH:


University specialisation in Additive Manufacturing

Professional opportunities:

  • Production technician
  • Technical office
  • Component design
  • Developer of machines and production processes
  • Technical-commercial product / machine / process


University specialisation in Predictive Data Analytics Projects for Industry 4.0

Professional opportunities:

  • Industrial company engineer: Specialised in the supervision of data analysis projects and the dialogue with suppliers of the necessary technological solutions; project manager
  • Specialisation of a profile with experience in information technology, as a data analysis project manager for Industry 4.0
  • Entrepreneur in a startup: Specialised in the development of data analysis projects for manufacturing companies





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