Additive Manufacturing

Professional training specialization course

  • Level: Higher Grade Professional Training.
  • Duration: 990 hours.
  • Professional Family: Mechanical Manufacturing.
  • Branch of knowledge: Engineering and Architecture..
  • ECTS credits: 36

Professional profile

Those who pass the course will be able to carry out their activity in small, medium and large companies, both public and private, mainly in the areas of research, product development, industrial production, industrial maintenance and services.



Linguistic model: D

Additive Manufacturing Technologies 80
Design of lightweight structures and topological optimization in manufacturing 110
3D Mesh Scanning and Repair 70
3D modeling, laminating and printing 200
Post-processing 80
Handling, Repair, and Costs of Additive Manufacturing 100
Practical Training in Company 350

Professional opportunities

  • Expert in additive manufacturing systems.
  • Expert in 3D printing.
  • Expert in product design for 3D printing.
  • 3D designer by scanning.
  • Expert in rapid prototyping.