Experiences, opinions: Students, companies, teachers

Opinion and experiences of the students, company tutors and teaching staff of the University Master's Degree in Digital Manufacture / Digital Manufacturing of the IMH - UPV/EHU.

Aitor Ginto, Master's student and IBARMIA's worker

Gorka Unamuno, Master's student and IDEKO worker


Aratz Quijano, Master's student and SORALUCE SCOOP worker

Jesús Alvarez, SORALUCE, company tutor


Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia, IDEKO, company tutor. This master's degree enables you to design and manage the talent in your company, the internal promotion of your workers.

David Bordonada, from LIBELIUM, speaker at the Master's: "It is very difficult for companies to get experts in the latest generation of..." This master's degree prepares you to be one.


Aitor Moreno, VICOMTECH, Master's Degree speaker. The company needs this type of profiles.

Aitor Moreno, from IBERMÁTICA, speaker of the Master: "The interpretation of data transferred to the physical world gives a power that will make the difference in the success of companies".