Industrial Mechatronics

Higher Level Training Cycle

Professional profile:

To develop and perform assembly and tuning processes within the machine tool industry or auxiliary sectors, both in automatic systems, as well as in electrical or mechanical systems. To develop and carry out maintenance plans for production machinery. To develop machinery modification or improvement projects in accordance with established standards in order to guarantee manufacturing viability. 

Study programme

Languages: Basque and English


1st year: Hours
Hydraulic and pneumatic systems 132
Electrical and electronic systems 132
Machine elements 99
Manufacturing processes 165
Graphical representation of mechatronic systems 132
Integration of systems 231
Professional training and guidance 99
2nd year: Hours
Mechanical systems 160
Configuration of mechatronic systems 160
Processes and management of maintenance and quality 100
Simulation of mechatronic systems 80
Project on industrial mechatronics 50
Technical English 40
Business and entrepreneurial initiative 60
On the job training 360

Project based learning

The methodology used in the training cycle is project-based through the resolution of challenges. That is why the content of different modules or subjects will often be integrated.

Professional opportunities

  • Electrical fitter
  • Mechanical fitter and/or adjuster
  • Commissioning of automated industrial equipment with PLCs
  • SAT technical assistance service