Project based learning (through the resolution of challenges)

What is project based learning?

Project based learning, many times referred to as PBL, is a learning methodology that consists of posing challenges and projects to students which will involve research and study of the necessary concepts to solve the challenge.

PBL elicits a proactive attitude and higher motivation from the students, who do not wait for the teacher to give them the answers but rather get involved in research, study and learning for themselves.

PBL experience at IMH

Since the beginning of activities in 1991, the IMH - Machine Tool Institute has had as its mission to train qualified technicians and respond comprehensively to the demand for techical staff of companies.

The IMH has pioneered the revision of traditional teaching models that had the Master Class as a paradigm. The student was a mere recipient of the teacher's knowledge. The idea was to turn this approach around, so that teaching is based on collaboration between teachers and students, where the teacher becomes a facilitator of the student's learning process. The teacher proposes projects through which students learn to learn, acquiring the necessary skills during the course of the project.

At meetings with companies in the surrounding area, the need to develop skills (communication, argumentation...) and attitudes (dedication, collaboration, commitment, initiative, participation...) that complement technical knowledge is confirmed.


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