Electromechanical maintenance

Intermediate Level Training Cycle

Professional profile:

To perform assembly and maintenance operations of industrial machinery and equipment, taking into account mechanical, electrical and hydro-pneumatic aspects. To be proficient with the necessary systems and instruments in order to verify the quality of the executed process.

Study programme

(Languages: Spanish and Basque (B and D models)


1st year: Hours
Manufacturing techniques 231
Electricity and electrical automatisms 264
Pneumatic and hydraulic automatisms 231
Electrical-electronic assembly and maintenance 231
Technical English 33
2nd year: Hours
Bonding and assembly techniques 105
Mechanical assembly and maintenance 189
Assembly and maintenance of automated lines 168
Professional training and guidance 105
Business and entrepreneurial initiative 63
On the job training 380

Project based learning

The methodology used in the training cycle is project-based through the resolution of challenges.That is why the content of different modules or subjects will often be integrated.

Professional opportunities

  • Electrical fitter
  • Mechanical fitter and/or adjuster