VET Masters


General characteristics of the vocational training master's degrees

  • Professional training master's degrees can be studied after completing a Higher Degree training cycles.
  • They allow specific technical training to be carried out for students who have previously completed and passed a training cycle.
  • They deal with areas that involve deepening the field of knowledge of the reference titles, or an expansion of the competencies included in them.
  • They respond quickly to innovations that occur in the production system, as well as to emerging areas that complement the training included in the reference degrees.

Do you want to continue training?

After completing a higher cycle, there are several options:

  • VET master's degrees.
  • Another Higher Level Professional Training Cycle with the possibility of establishing validation of professional modules in accordance with current regulations.
  • University Education with the possibility of establishing validations in accordance with current regulations.

Access requirements

Have approved a higher degree training cycle (consult in the course, in the "access" section)