Entrance Requirements

Access to the University School of Dual Engineering is open to all university admission procedures established by Royal Decree 412/2014 of 6th June. The admission process will take into account the guiding principles established in that Royal Decree or the regulations in force at any given time.

The usual way to enter university is by passing or homologating the entrance exam to the official university degree studies (PAU), aimed at:

  • People in possession of the Spanish Bachillerato certificate, or equivalent.
  • People who achieve the homologation of the studies required for access to university in EU countries or other countries with which the Spanish State has signed international agreements in this respect. 
  • People over 25.
  • People over 40 or 45 (by means of different entrance tests), who do not have any academic qualification to enter university, or can not certify any work or professional experience.
  • People in possession of a higher VET diploma or equivalent from previous education laws, or equivalent validated foreign studies, may also enter. In this case, preferential access is granted to the following VET training cycles:

Electricity and Electronics

  • Electrotechnical and Automated Systems
  • Automation and Industrial Robotics
  • Electronic Maintenance

Mechanical Manufacturing

  • Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Design in Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Production Programming in Metals and Polymers Moulding
  • Metal Constructions

Installation and Maintenance

  • Maintenance of Thermal and Fluids Installations
  • Industrial Mechatronics

Mathematics Course

This course is offered to those who wish to improve their Mathematics level prior to the Engineering degree.


These engineering studies combine study and work. In this sense, based on the 15 years of experience of teaching Dual engineering studies and as permitted by the second additional provision of RD 1892/2008 which regulates the conditions for access to official university degree courses and according to which "universities may establish special conditions or tests for access to certain courses", these are included in this report of the verified and authorized study plan.
For those candidates who meet the entry requirements, the corresponding "Application Dossier" is opened and they are asked to do the selection tests.

The selection of candidates is made by a Selection Jury and is based on the following elements:

  • Admission  grade to University Education or admission grade from other academic  as established in R.D. 1892/2008.
  • Psycho-technical tests to measure mechanical, spatial, verbal and abstraction skills. 
  • Personal interview: measures the following skills and values: Self-concept, Autonomy/Dynamics, Participation/Involvement/Commitment to Decision-making, Teamwork, Responsibility, Stress Tolerance, and Leadership.

The Selection Jury, based on the above tests, proposes the list of admitted candidates.

Specific access test:

The test will consist of:

1) Aptitude test:

abstract reasoning test
spatial reasoning test
verbal reasoning test
mechanical reasoning test

2) Personal interview

Company search

For the allocation of students in different companies the following are taken into account:

By the company: the profile to be developed by the student.

By the student: His/her interests  / CV

Candidates will be interviewed by the company.

The company selects the student according to the requirements that it has previously defined for the profile.

Working conditions

Students will get paid by the company during their Dual training period.


  • Access test fee: 50 €.
  • Registration fee for the Mathematics course: 50 € (refundable upon registration).
  • For more information call 34 943 74 82 64  (Itziar Egiguren)