Alliances and collaborations

The IMH maintains alliances and collaborations in the development of its activity, which allows us to offer our collaborators and clients a wider range of services, multiplying our capacity thanks to our work in networks.

Industrial network


The IMH is an integral part of AFMCLUSTER, an organization that represents the interests of Advanced Manufacturing in Spain. Composed of four industrial associations, it groups together more than 500 companies, employing 16,500 people and with a turnover of more than 3 billion Euros. AFM CLUSTER works to promote internationalisation, industrial development, strategic positioning and training of people in its member companies in 4 main sectors: Machine tools and advanced manufacturing technologies; Additive manufacturing and 3D printing; Hand tools, hardware and industrial supply; Machining and metal-mechanical transformation.


ADDIMAT, the Additive & 3D Manufacturing Technologies Association of Spain, groups together all the players with interests in developing and promoting additive manufacturing and 3D.


UPTEK, the Spanish Association of technology-based companies and start-ups for advanced and digital manufacturing, groups together all the players that are creating products and services for the advanced and digital industry. 


The Centre for Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing (CFAA) was created with the aim of being able to develop advanced manufacturing technologies, at levels of development that are quickly transferred to our industrial fabric oriented towards this key sector of the economy.

Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network

The Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (RVCTI), created on April 29th 1997, is a group of research, development and innovation entities that, working in a network, develop a balanced mix of R&D&I activities, carrying out specialised and excellent research that contributes to the creation of wealth and welfare in the Basque Country.

Basque Digital Innovation Hub

The Basque Government has developed a specific strategy for Advanced Manufacturing: Basque Industry Strategy 4.0.

Orain Industria 4.0

Collaborative and pioneering programme of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa in which leading companies and the most advanced technological centres share their achievements with the SMEs of Gipuzkoa.

Basque Precision Technology District [BPTD]

Debabarrena initiative with a clear vocation to promote sustainable growth of the regional economy, by improving the competitiveness of the industrial fabric, betting on precision technologies, industry 4.0 and the development of robotics and automation.

AIMS, Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing for Sustainability

Alliance between CFAA (UPV/EHU), IDEKO, BCAM and IMH Campus, a collaborative environment that promotes the application of artificial intelligence solutions in the industrial manufacturing sector.



Educational network

Ikaslan Gipuzkoa

We belong to Ikaslan Gipuzkoa, the Association of Public Vocational Training Institutes in the Territory of Gipuzkoa.


The IMH is a participating centre in the Tkgune Network, a network of vocational training centres belonging to the Basque Government's Vice-Ministry of Vocational Training, which offers technological services for innovation and improvement of products and production processes.


Cluster of University Training in Engineering, Science and Technology of the Basque Country. It is led and promoted by the Department of Education of the Basque Government and comprises 11 centres of the Basque University System, the Basque Industry 4.0 Pilot Group, the Basque Agency for Innovation Innobasque, the Basque Business Confederation Confebask and its partners Adegi, Cebek and SEA, SPRI and the Automotive Intelligent Center (AIC).

Steam Euskadi

Network promoted by the Basque Government whose objective is the promotion of scientific-technological vocations through a more motivating and practical teaching of science and technology

CSMS Tianjin

The Spanish-Chinese Vocational Training Technology Institute in Tianjin, China, is a centre that is the result of Spanish-Chinese collaboration to train qualified personnel for industrial sectors that use machine tools and was inaugurated in December 2003. The IMH has collaborated with the Chinese institute since its inception: During this time the IMH has trained teachers and exchanged students, as well as contributing our experience in Continuous Training and in the organisation of the centre. In addition, the centre has a Basque co-director, supported by several companies and AFM, whose task is to collaborate in the management of the centre and to facilitate the objectives of interested companies.


The IMH is a Centre attached to the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea since 2011. This alliance has enabled the IMH to homologate the university degree offered by the IMH "Degree in Engineering in Process and Product Innovation", the University Master's Degree "Digital Manufacturing" and the university specialist degrees "Additive Manufacturing" and "Data Predictive Analysis Projects for Industry 4.0".


FPempresa is a non-profit association that brings together public and subsidised vocational training centres from all over Spain. The Association is the meeting place for Vocational Training Centres, of whatever type, that wish to promote their relations with the business world, contribute to creating a network of centres capable of sharing experiences, projects that wish to contribute to the development and strengthening of the Vocational Training System in this country. The IMH participates in the association's board of directors as a member of the Basque Country, Navarra and La Rioja.


Industrial heritage

Machine Tool Museum

The IMH belongs to the Board of Trustees of the Machine Tool Museum, which works for the recovery, conservation, cataloguing, restoration, and orderly exhibition of the collections related to the industrial heritage related to machine tools; serves as an educational resource to show the technological evolution; and reinforces the tourist and cultural offer of the Debabarrena.




Companies and entities with which we collaborate through various forms of action:

  • IMHbazkide

    A collaboration formula aimed at companies with the dual objective of consolidating and improving the current training and service offer and providing a personalised service to companies. .
  • ILS

    IMH (Oxford Test of English) foreign language services and training.  ILS Industry Language Services was founded in 1991 under the auspices of the Machine Tool Institute (IMH) with the aim of meeting the demand for language services for institutes and companies in the fields of language teaching, translation and interpreting.
  • Elgoibar Town Hall

    Collaboration agreement to promote lifelong learning in Basque and, from economic promotion, the "Asmaola", "Tkgune" and "Dual Engineering" programmes.
  • Gipuzkoa Provincial Council

    Collaboration aimed at developing the IMH's Additive Manufacturing and 3D project.
  • Fagor Automation

    The collaboration between the IMH and Fagor Automation is aimed at promoting technological projects and training teachers, researchers and students on the latest developments implemented by Fagor Automation. 
  • Siemens

    The collaboration agreement between both entities accredits the IMH as a training partner of Sinumerik Operate, so that the IMH provides the training courses for employment with the accreditation of this German firm.
  • Heidenhain

    The collaboration agreement between both entities accredits the IMH as an authorized training center for the delivery of HEIDENHAIN TNC PROGRAMMING seminars.

  • Azpeitia Town Hall

    The collaboration agreement between both entities to promote and offer their citizens advanced training in machine tools.

  • Quivacolor

    Through this collaboration agreement Quivacolor offers IMH very special prices on cooling oils, hydraulic oils and lubricating oils. In return, IMH will publicly promote the company.