Intermediate Level Training Cycle

Professional profile:

To carry out different operations in machining processes, both through stock removal and special machining techniques, monitoring products and assuming responsibility for the first level maintenance of the machines and equipment, thereby ensuring production in accordance with the required quality and safety standards and within the established deadlines.

Study programme

Languages: Spanish and Basque (D and A models)

 1st year:


Machining processes 165
Manufacturing through stock removal 363
Automated systems 165
Metrology and tests 132
Graphical interpretation 132
Technical English 33
 2nd year:
CNC machining 252
Manufacturing through abrasion, EDM, cutting and shaping and special procedures 210
Professional training and guidance 105
Business and entrepreneurial initiative 63
On the job training 380

Project based learning

The methodology used in the training cycle is project-based through the resolution of challenges.That is why the content of different modules or subjects will often be integrated.

Professional opportunities

  • Machine set-up operator
  • Lathe operator
  • Milling machine operator
  • Boring machine operator
  • Grinding machine operator