Mobility agreement between IMH Campus and DHBW

2023/10/17 19:06:00 GMT+2
Signing of the mobility agreement between the Dual Engineering School of IMH Campus and the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) in Germany.

We have excellent news for the students of the Master in DIGITAL MANUFACTURING of the Dual Engineering School of IMH Campus.


We have signed a new mobility agreement with the German DHBW University, in its Master's programmes in Integrated Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

This agreement allows students enrolled in our Master in Digital Manufacturing to participate in a one-week elective course at DHBW. Likewise, those taking one of the masters at DHBW will have the opportunity to study a subject at our Campus.

This mobility agreement is an excellent opportunity for our students to gain knowledge in the field of Smart Industry at one of the leading dual-method universities in Germany, as well as to experience a new culture.

Broadening horizons!