Mobility Programme IMH Campus - DHBW

This arrangement empowers students enrolled in our Master's Degree in Digital Manufacturing to partake in a one-week elective course at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW). Likewise, students pursuing one of the Master's Degrees at DHBW will have the opportunity to explore a subject at our Campus.

This mobility agreement is an excellent opportunity for our students:

  • To acquire knowledge in the field of Smart Industry in one of the leading dual-method universities in Germany.
  • To experience a new culture.
  • To improve their fluency in English.

Characteristics of mobility for IMH Campus students:

University: DHBW

Location: Mosbach/Heilbronn (Germany)

Subject: Technologies for sustainability management (TSM)

Character: Optional


Content abstract:
  • Technological concepts and systems for managing the challenges of sustainability in business and society.
  • Content is selected from each of the following areas with the aim of describing, analysing and discussing interrelated scenarios interactively and in group work, also responding to students' suggestions for topics and expert´s availability:
    • Circular economy and resource management.
    • Sustainable production and logistics.
    • Digital transformation and sustainability (Management of data, information and processes).
    • Technology, people and society in the management of sustainability.
    • Energy management included sustainable energies (generation, transformation, storage, consumption).
    • Sustainable products and services in the life cycle.
    • Environmental measurement technology, environmental systems (immissions/emissions).

It’s planned to deepen the contents practically on one day with excursions to companies and technical plants.