2024/06/12 13:50:00 GMT+2
Organized by Iruña Technologies in IMH Campus on 12th June 2024.

Latest advances in Collaborative Robotics and Applied Innovation projects in VET, at the COLLABORATE NEW GENERATION conference of IRUÑA TECNOLOGÍAS DE AUTOMATIZACIÓN.

During the conference, held on 12 June 2024 in the new Automation and Robotics Space of IMH Campus, the companies attending were able to learn first-hand about the latest advances in collaborative robotics, and the AIRinVET project on applied innovation in VET that we are developing with our European partners.

From IMH, Zigor Esnaola first presented the objectives and development of the AIRINVET project. As an example of good practice, we showed the applied innovation project Charlie, an autonomous flexible manufacturing cell of our digital factory, and its corresponding virtualisation.

The attendees were able to use augmented reality and virtual reality glasses to operate Charlie, experiencing personally how virtualisation can contribute to collaborative automation. We completed our intervention with demonstrations of the cobots that are part of the equipment of our Automation & Robotics Space of IMH Campus.

For its part, Iruña Technologies presented its UR20 and UR30 Robots with greater load capacity, faster and more compact. Synerbot presented its EasyCell 1MV cell for welding services, additionally visualising the advantages offered by the incorporation of vision systems using Garmo Instruments sensor, for the search, location and tracking of welding joints.

We continue to support companies on their way to applied innovation, also in the field of advanced automation.