The Erasmus Higher Education Charter provides a general quality framework for Community and international cooperation so that higher education institutions can implement the Erasmus+ programme.

The prerequisite for higher education institutions willing to collaborate on innovation and good practice or to participate in student mobilisation is the possession of the Erasmus Charter .

Excellent Advanced Manufacturing 4.0

PROJECT: EXAM 4.0 (Start: 2019)

Content: "Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing" - EXAM 4.0 aims to establish five European Regional Ecosystems of Competence, bringing together Vocational Training Centres, Higher Education, companies, policy makers and the individual (student, trainee, job seeker ...) to identify and define future skills, needs in the advanced manufacturing sector (AM from now on)

Partners: Tknika (coordinator), Da Vince College (Netherlands), 10XL (Netherlands), DHBW Duale Hochschule Baden-Württember (Germany), AFM Cluster (Spain), Curt Nicolin Gymnasiet (Sweden), CIFP Miguel Altuna LHII. Affiliated entities: IMH CIFP, Usurbilgo CIFPand Bidasoa CIFP. 



Emerging engineering profiles for the automotive sector and their application to the dual training system in higher education in Europe

Partners: IMH, Centro de Formación de Somorrostro, Gestamp Technology Institute, University Politechnica de Bucharest, Gestamp Louny, IMECHE.


PROJECT: Learn&Fly

Learning materials and support tools to encourage student participation in science and aeronautics-related careers

Partners: INNPULS, INOVA+, Quasar Human Capital, Instituto Politecnico de Setubal, Agrupamento de Escolas Sebastiao de Gama, IMH, Foundation for the Support of Education at the Aviation Valley Association.


PROJECT: CWIHE (Erref. 2014-1-SI01-KA200-000657) 2014/09/01-2017/08/31

Content: CWIHE (Cooperative and Work Integrated Higher Education) is a three-year project funded in the framework of "cooperation for the exchange of innovation and good practice: education, training and strategic alliances for young people". The objective of the project is to constitute a European network of Dual Training in Higher Education to face the current challenges of the model and its deployment at European Union level, as an alternative to fight unemployment and as a valuable tool to promote entrepreneurial skills.

Partners: IMH University School of Dual Engineering (leading project), Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg (DHBW) (Germany), FH Joanneum Gesellschaft M.B.H. (Austria), Formasup (Nord- pas de Calais) (France), Universitat de Lleida (Spain), Högskolan Väst (Sweden), y Libera Universita di Bolzano (Italia).


PROJECT: CWIC (Erref: 14-202-000657)

Content: CWIC (Cooperative and Work Integrated Curriculum) is a 3-year project funded by the Erasmus+ programme. Objectives: to establish the conditions for practical education and the new cooperative method; to improve the response of vocational training and education to market demands; to improve the quality system in vocational training and to promote employability. To this end, pilot tests will be carried out in the Dual Vocational Training centres in Slovenia and Macedonia. IMH is participating in the project together with FH Joannem from Austria as an expert in the field.

Partners: Šolski Center Velenje (líder) (Eslovenia), CMEPIUS (Eslovenia), Šolski Center Slovenske Konjice-Zreče (Eslovenia), ASUC Boro Petrushevski – Skopje (Macedonia), Unior (Eslovenia), FH Joanneum (Austria), IMH - Fundación para la Formación Técnica en Máquina-Herramienta



Content: The objective of the project is to create tools and guidelines that allow for individualized education in the classroom, taking into account the different levels of knowledge of the students, transferring everything to the knowledge of the CNC, so that these skills are recognized in different countries.

Partners: CENFIM - Portugal (líder), ANQEP - Portugal, SALPAUS - Finland, MES - Germany, IMH - Euskadi