YML - Young Manufacturing Leaders Basque City Hub

YML (Young Manufacturing Leaders) helps young people interested in sustainable manufacturing to connect with manufacturing key players, align their skills to the sector needs and be change-makers by participating in events linked with industry, community learning, take part in the World Manufacturing Forum (WMF), becoming an ambassador of the sustainable industry culture.

Basque City Hub

The YML core are the nine City Hubs, among which is the Basque City Hub, represented by IMH Campus partners.

Basque City Hub offers a wide range of activities such as seminars, visits to companies and dialogue sessions with CEOs and responsible for R&D activities.

We are mainly interested in:

🏭Advanced manufacturing
👨🏽‍💻Digital Factory
🛠Additive Manufacturing
🤖Industrial process automation: collaborative robotics

Do you want to be a part of YML Network?

For more information about YML and to become a member of the network please, click in YML web site.

Organised Events

2020-12-17 What is industry 4.0 applied to the machine tool sector?

2021-09-23 Skating in manufacturing, the transformation of skateboard manufacturing

2021-10-21 YML Main Event


2022-09-29 3D Design printing contest

2022-11-17 YML Basque City Hub 5th meeting

2022-11-25 YML Main Event 2022