On the job training

This module or subject is part of  the second year syllabus of both intermediate and higher level training cyles. It lasts from March to June during school hours, adapted to company hours. Students have to pass it just like any other module in order to obtain their training cylce certificate.

A company instructor and a school tutor monitor the student’s progress.

The school is in charge of searching for the company, taking into account the specialty and profile of each student.


Companies that are interested in hosting a student to do on the job training can contact lanpoltsa@imh.eus or fill in this form.

On the job training in Basque

The IMH develops a project together with Elgoibar City Council so that model D students can carry out their internships in Basque in those companies located in Elgoibar that agree to participate in this project.

The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa offers financial aid to those companies.

On the job training abroad: Erasmus + programme

Students who wish to do so can do their on the job training through the Erasmus + Programme, which offers scholarships to cover the trip and accommodation costs of the students (sometimes it can cover all costs). The search for the company abroad is managed by the programme itself and the internships take place between March and June in European countries.

After completing the training: Global Training Programme

At the completion of their studies, scholarships are awarded to students who have a higher cycle certificate and B2 English level, so that they can complete a minimun of six months in countries around the world. More information: globaltraining.eus