YML Basque City Hub joint young fans of manufacturing and skating

2021/09/24 14:27:00 GMT+1
Participants at "Skating in Manufacturing" event experienced the transformation of skate manufacturing.

On September 23 we held the event "Skating in Manufacturing" at IMH, to focus on the skate, a topic of interest to young people. The group of young participants analyzed the evolution of the skate with three models built in wood, metal and 3D, in the Machine Tool Museum and IMH (Asmaola and Additive Village), to end with a lunch / networking in the Skate park. It was a relaxed meeting, in which the organization of the event, young people from the YML Basque City Hub met with IMH students and young people from other centers, known and new people, new "connections" emerged!

Next edition will be held in November around the themes proposed by young participants in the YML network.

Many thanks to all the people who have participated in the event, as well as those organized!


YLM - Young Leaders in Manufacturing

Young Manufacturing Leaders (YML) is an initiative open to students, young workers and professionals between the ages of 18 and 30 who wish to develop their professional careers in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Participants in this initiative, through the YML network, will be able to connect with manufacturing agents and participate in industry-related events, being agents and protagonists of change, and based on sustainable manufacturing.

The "core" of YML, the facilitators, are the City Hub. The Basque City Hube is located at IMH and they themselves have organized the "Skating in Manufacturing" meeting.



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