Taking steps forward in the automation of machining using artificial intelligence

2022/04/12 20:04:37 GMT+2
Kick-off meeting for AIMAN project, the application of the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) model in high-performance machining automatically. Thanks to the structure proposed in the project, the system, through the application of artificial intelligence, is able to learn, predict and optimise the machining process.

AIMAN aims to develop an artificial intelligence-driven system in machining, to improve efficiency in the use of cutting tools.

Several objectives have been identified in order to achieve the main purpose, among which is to integrate and test the AI-driven system, allowing it to predict tool life or recommend the right tool to use at any given time, as well as its cutting parameters, thus reducing the number of stoppages, thus reducing losses and increasing productivity.

The implementation of a human-assisted machine approach can bring improvements in this respect.

This is the focus of the AIMAN project carried out by WOLCO in collaboration with ZITU and IMH Campus.

AIMAN is funded by one of the open calls of the European initiative "AI REGIO" which focuses on the adoption of artificial intelligence applications in the business operations of SMEs and aims to expand and extend the impact to various European regions.