Students from the Master's Degree in Digital Manufacturing create a TWIN digital twin to improve the operation of public lifts in Ermua.

2021/12/16 16:47:18 GMT+2
The Master students have given a practical solution to a real everyday situation, applying digital technologies.

You’ve almost certainly experienced a broken lift. In the case of a public lift, the consequences are obvious: it radically changes your plans, you are late for work, the lift itself is often expensive to fix...

Students in the 1st year of the Dual Master's Degree in Digital Manufacturing at IMH have come up with a digital solution to a real situation.

As part of the Industrial Technologies course, they have developed TWIN, the digital twin of public lift to achieve optimal maintenance.

To do this, they have installed sensors in three lifts in the city of Ermua, and have set up a website where the digital twins can be observed in real time. Problems are detected on the spot and an immediate solution can be found.

On 15 December, the Master's teaching staff and students visited the Izarra Centre in Ermua and presented the TWIN project to those in charge, concluding the project.

Congratulations on the work done!

If you want to see Twin Digital on your own, go to: /
User: demo
Password: Twin2022

For more details you can watch the website Professor Iban Arakistain