PredicAI DIH4AI presentation of the results of the project

2023/11/28 12:20:00 GMT+2
Analysis of the states of bearings by applying Artificial Intelligence.

IMH Campus, in collaboration with Alchemy Machine Learning and Beckhoff, we have presented the results of the PredicAI,  a project within the framework of our Digital Workshop strategic line.

The aim of the project has been to monitor the state of health of bearings using AI based on information from accelerometers and electrical variables of the engine.

To achieve this, supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques have been combined. The experiments to obtain data have been carried out on the Beckhoff test bench designed and built at IMH Campus, where faulty bearings can be placed using the tool that simulates errors.

Presentation of the results:

Project video

PREDICAI is the DIH4AI Open Call 2 project, supported by the European Fund.