OiAcademy project 4: 🌟We've reached the end! 🌟

2023/12/20 22:32:55 GMT+2
Our hashtag#VET hashtag#design and hashtag#mechatronics students have surprised us with innovative and creative solutions to TWO challenges presented by ULMA Packaging a few weeks ago, one linked to hashtag#sustainability🌱 and the other to its after-sales service 🛠️.

Divided into teams, the students have developed highly 💡 creative presentations that they have shared with their peers and with Markel Apellaniz and Lara Martin from ULMA, who have given us an extremely enriching feedback, thus giving a brilliant closure to the pilot and 🤝reinforcing the collaboration between students and industry professionals .

After their presentations, a few more surprises awaited us. Two teams, highlighted for developing the most creative proposal 🎨 and the most applicable solution 🔧, received vouchers for an experience from karting🏎️, while another team won an additional prize for their outstanding presentation✨.

To sweeten the closing, we distributed KM0 products of the company Lizagazar from Elgoibar, who are dedicated to transform the 🍏apple into different artisan products, being also one of its founders, a former student of VET of IMH Campus.


And so, this has been the outcome, or maybe not😉?

We will meet again! 🚀

Thanks to the facilitators 👏 Garazi Catalán, Javier Mendibil, Ana Arroyo.

#openinnovation #solvingchallenges #learning #learningbydoing #Teamwork