Objective achieved: Design, production and commissioning of the remotely piloted boat.

2023/11/22 19:29:03 GMT+2
For the second consecutive year, students from Graafschap College in the Netherlands and the IMH Campus Integrated Vocational Training Centre have collaborated in the development of a new project.

Students and teachers from IMH have travelled to the Netherlands to carry out, together with a group of students from Graafschap College, the final part of the project of design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of the remote-controlled boat.

The Dutch group visited Campus IMH in September to start the project with the design of the boat, and this time, both teams have completed the project working together in the Netherlands.

In addition to technical training, they have communicated in English, got to know their customs, worked as a team, practiced assertiveness and worked on other transversal competences. It has been a great experience!

This #ErasmusPlus project has been developed by the team of the 2nd year of the Higher Cycle of Mechanical Manufacturing Design at the Integrated Centre for Vocational Training of IMH Campus.