IMH Vocational Training Teachers Visit Tknika and Culminate the Day with Group Lunch as an End of Course Activity

2024/07/08 17:18:49 GMT+2

The IMH Vocational Training teachers paid a visit to the Tknika facilities as part of the end-of-year activities. During the visit, they had the opportunity to see first-hand the various technological projects being researched at Tknika, such as the interactive and immersive classroom, the domotic house and Industri Lab 4.0. etc.

These initiatives reflect the current trends in digitisation and modernisation of education and industry, providing teachers with a broad and practical view of the innovations underway. The experience proved to be very enriching, allowing IMH teachers to familiarise themselves with the latest educational and technological tools and methodologies.

The day concluded with a group lunch, an activity that fostered cohesion and team spirit among the teachers, thus closing the course in a positive and collaborative way.

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