IMH Campus at the I. Zientzia Azoka in Elgoibar

2022/05/16 15:55:00 GMT+2
We will inform the people of Elgoibar about the "steam" projects that our students are working on related to technology.

IMH Campus will participate on 21 May in the 1st Zientzia Azoka (Science Fair) in Elgoibar together with schools, companies and local agents.

And for this purpose, we will present the example of the tech-steam projects that IMH Campus students are working on at our stand:

  • Augmented reality for learning to operate conventional lathes.
  • Skating in manufacturing in the YML project in collaboration with the Machine Tool Museum.
  • Valores 4.0 - In collaboration with the San Lázaro Residence Hall and the Machine Tool Museum.
  • Bizi bizia bizkleta - In collaboration with Arreiturre.
  • MagnetErakarri - In collaboration with Herri Eskola.

The date will be:

  • 21/5/2022
  • 11: 00-14:00
  • En Lekueder

More information: