Face to face with Vocational Training students: Jone Aranceta.

2024/05/20 09:50:00 GMT+2

Jone is studying Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing at a higher level at the IMH Campus Integrated Vocational Training Centre.

By getting to know the students closely, we have the opportunity to learn about their preferences, recommendations and the route each one wants to take. A clear example is Jone, who along the way, in addition to studying at the centre, has had the opportunity to do dual training in the company GOIMEK.

Jone has given us an important lesson: "If you find the cycle interesting, try it". The directions to take on the journey are your own and for yourself, so if you're interested, go for it!

In his case, with a view to next year, he has shown us his intention to do a specialisation in Mechanical Manufacturing.

Thanks Jone!



REMEMBER that the pre-registration period is open until 24 May.