ELGOIBAR EKITEN Workshops: Bringing industry, vocational training and university closer to the young people of Elgoibar

2022/05/11 11:42:00 GMT+2
Organised by Elgoibar Town Council, IMH Campus, MEKA, Arreiturre and Elgoibar Ikastola, various activities are taking place during the month of April.

With the aim of giving the young people of Elgoibar first-hand knowledge of vocational training, university and industry in Elgoibar, the municipality is organising the EKITEN WORKSHOPS in collaboration with IMH Campus, Meka Lanbide Eskola, Arreiturre Institutua and Elgoibar Ikastola.

From 9 to 16 March, the first phase was carried out with 4th year ESO students from Elgoibar Ikastola and Arreiturre Institute. They learned first-hand about the experiences of vocational training students from IMH Campus and Meka. They also visited the companies SWISSLAN and AVS.

From 2 to 5 May, it will be the turn of the 3rd ESO students from Elgoibar Ikastola and Arreiturre Institutua to visit the IMH Campus and MEKA Lanbide Eskola centres. The Vocational Training Centres and the University of Elgoibar will show their facilities, showing how Vocational Training and University education is studied in these centres and will share experiences with students from their centres.

With these initiatives, and with the aim of promoting Steam vocations, the aim is to make visible the possibilities that young people can have to project their future in the industry of Elgoibar, and above all to put the focus on girls, so that they can see that their future in the industry can be attractive and suitable.

Finally, IMH Campus and Meka have organised information sessions for those who wish to train in the next academic year. In the case of IMH, the information session on training cycles will be held on 7 May and that of Dual Engineering on 24 May.