Digital Industry experience for Mechatronics students in Finland

2023/12/15 12:50:00 GMT+2
At Tredu Vocational School they have had the opportunity to practice Robotics and Smart Industry, as well as to experience nature and local culture, within the Erasmus program.

Students of 2nd year of Mekatronica deplurilingüe have visited Finland in December. In the Tredu VET Center they have done internships with what they have learned and received classes in Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, also worked on different values and transversal competences: use of English, knowledge of new cultures, punctuality, respect, teamwork....

In addition to the Robotics course with Matti, they also had a practical workshop with Professor Ville. On the one hand, on the programming and use of Virtual and Augmented Reality and, on the other hand, on the programming of the robot with artificial vision incorporated.

And of course, they could not miss the Finnish sauna and subsequent bathing in the icy waters of the sea of Tampere, and skating on the frozen lake.

A great experience!