University Master's Degree in Digital Manufacturing


The Dual University Master's Degree in Digital Manufacturing responds to the new reality of companies within the framework of Industry 4.0, in which companies need professionals with a global vision of the Digital Factory, mastery of the associated technologies and capacity to lead the changes that the new industrial revolution implies in business models.

  • This Industry 4.0 Master offers multidisciplinary knowledge and trains competent specialists in the "Intelligent Factory".

  • Consult the companies where the students work

4 reasons to choose this master of industrial engineering

  1. Allows for the compatibility of academic training with practical training in the workplace (dual model).
  2. Provides labor relationship with a company, at least 50% of the day.
  3. Multidisciplinary training and preparation to provide solutions to the challenges posed by the different technologies of Industry 4.0 from a global perspective.
  4. Training for specialization in the management of the Intelligent Factory.

Project Types

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Improvements in the production process
  • Digital transformation
  • Artificial vision 
  • Digital twins

More about the types of digital manufacturing projects developed

Professional opportunities

The professional opportunities for the people who finish these studies are framed in the different business units of the companies, consultancies and research areas of the R+D units or Technological Centres:

  • Innovation consultant.
  • Specialist consultancy in Digital Manufacturing.
  • Project Manager, Specialist in new organizational models.
  • Project Manager, Researcher, Specialist in production processes.
  • Project Manager, Researcher, Industrial Technology Specialist
  • Industrial management in 4.0
  • Management of technological projects.
  • General, technical, strategic or technological management of organizations.  
  • Digital planning, production and manufacturing management.    

Donwload Catalogue

Degree attached to the UPV/EHU

Places: 20

100 % of students will study 40 % of the total credits in dual training.

ECTS: 90

Duration: 2 years

Teaching: On campus&Dual

Languages: Spanish, English
Not all the subjects of this degree are taught in all languages above

Places os teaching: IMH Engineering School
CFAA Zamudio

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