Registration and enrolment

Relevant steps for enrolment process

  • English level test. Only those students who cannot prove their level of English.
  • Pre-selection interviews at IMH Campus. You must attend the interview with an updated and printed CV.
  • Communication of pre-selected students after the IMH interview.
  • In-company interviews. Companies will contact candidates directly.
  • Communication from companies. Companies will inform IMH Campus of their decision to recruit one of the candidates. IMH Campus will inform the candidate of the decision. In the event that several companies are interested in the same candidate, it will be the candidate him/herself who will decide with which company he/she will carry out the Master. The candidate will have one working day to make his/her decision.
  • Reservation of place: Once the working relationship between student and company has been agreed, a fee payment is required to formalize the commitment after the matching.
  • Registration

Fill in here the application form on UPV/EHU website.

Registration must be done online: on the UPV/EHU website

When registering for the Master's Degree in Digital Manufacturing, for any doubt or questions you may have, please contact us calling +34 943 74 82 64 (Leire Alberdi) or sending a message to