Project typology

We describe some types of projects developed by the students of the Master; companies can consider these or other types of projects, proposing both internal candidates and the need for new ones.

Predictive maintenance:

  • Motorization and continuous evaluation of the condition of machines.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the state of the machines. Performing test bench. Data capture and monitoring.

Improvements to the production process of lines based on i4.0.

Strategy: digital transformation

  • Driving the digital transformation in a SME
  • Implementation of the monitoring and management system of manufacturing processes in the production plant

Artificial vision:

  • Product quality control through artificial vision.
  • Development of products and engineering applications in innovative technology-based companies.

Digital twins:

  • Application of digital twins for industrial solutions. The virtual replication of a real product, service or system allows to anticipate possible problems and experiment without running risks before launching new features.