Student Mobility

As part of their Engineering Degree in Process and Product Innovation, students of the IMH University School of Dual Engineering do internships in foreign companies. This takes place at the beginning of the fourth year, during the academic period established in the school calendar for the subject "Mission Abroad". The minimum duration is 10 weeks.

The main goals of this experience are:

  • To identify organizational and management characteristics in other industrial contexts
  • To assimilate the importance of globalization and to adapt to other cultures
  • To identify cultural differences in terms of social, labour and company structure
  • To validate and perfect the students’ linguistic and cultural heritage through their integration in another country

Students of the IMH University School of Dual Engineering can participate in two International Internship Programmes:

  • Erasmus+ Internships
  • In-house international mobility programme


Erasmus+ Internships

    • 2019-2020 call managed by UPV/EHU  (closed)
    • 2020-2021 call managed by UPV/EHU (closed)
    • 2021-2022 call managed by UPV/EHU (closed)
    • 2022-2023 call managed by UPV/EHU


In-house international mobility programme

    • 2019-2020 call (closed)
    • 2022-2023 call


Programme of internships abroad for graduates

Global Training Grants