Additive Manufacturing Machine

Technology: LMD-Cladding

  • Materials: Metallic (Inconel 718 and 615 Ni-base alloys, 316L and 304 stainless steels, AISI H13 and AISI D2 tool steels, Ti6Al4V base-Ti alloys, etc.)
  • Installation composed of:
    • Rofin FL010 1kW Laser System with Precitec Discrete Coaxial Feed Head
    • LOTEC laser cooling equipment
    • ABB IRB2600 6 degrees of freedom anthropomorphic robot
    • IRBP A500 rotary table with 2 additional degrees of freedom
    • Fixed table with a maximum working area of ​​1,100x700 mm2
    • Oerlikon TWIN 150 powder dispenser with 2 stations
    • ABB IRC5 robot controller
    • Smoke extraction system
  • Applications:
    • Component repair
    • Creation of geometry on existing part
    • Coatings