At the IMH we promote industrial entrepreneurship

  • Do you need machines to make prototypes?
  • Do you have an industrial idea but need a contrast with industry experts?
  • Do you want to "assemble something" in the industrial field but do not see it clearly?
  • Do you feel that your professional profile or your team is lacking in order to launch your company?

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Industrial entrepreneurship has, compared to entrepreneurship in the service sector, a series of obstacles that help to understand the lower rate of ongoing projects.

On the one hand, it requires expensive infrastructure (mainly machinery) from the beginning of the activity and its financing is usually one of the main obstacles for an entrepreneurial project.

In addition, the capture of opportunities is much more difficult since they are not found in the street or in social life, but are usually deficiencies that arise close to the activity of the industrial company so that, not being previously in the productive field, does not allow to know their characteristics and detect opportunities for new business.

In short, if the enterprise already requires impulses for its execution, in the case of the industrial enterprise, these must be redoubled.

At the IMH we have the necessary bases to be able to give an adequate response to this challenge:

  • We have facilities (machinery)
  • We have a multidisciplinary know-how
  • A powerful connection network with industrial companies
  • and our students 

Do you want to create an industrial company? Contact us:  Let's start together! ekintzaile@imh.eus