Covid19 Coronavirus: Measures taken at the IMH Campus

Communication 2022-4-25

We continue the academic year in accordance with the legal measures in force.

As a general rule, the use of face masks is not compulsory at IMH Campus workstations. However, their use is recommended in situations of non-sporadic contact between a number of people where the safety distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained and where there are not good ventilation conditions. In all situations, importance shall be attached to the ventilation of spaces.

The use of masks will be compulsory when workers show symptoms compatible with Covid-19 or suffer from the disease.

The same conditions will apply to people outside the centre who enter the IMH Campus facilities.

We are at your disposal through the following operational contacts:

Vocational Training Cycles

943748265 / 943744132

Training for Employment

943748266 / 943744132

University School of Dual Engineering

Degree / Master's Degree and Specializations: 943748264 / 943744132 /

Projects and services

+34943744132 /

INCRESS 943748275 / 943744132 /


Wishing to return to normal as soon as possible: Cheers and lots of encouragement!