University Specialisation in Predictive Data Analytics Projects for Industry 4.0

This postgraduate course addresses predictive data analytics from a practical and applied perspective. It integrates different key profiles involved in the management and development of predictive data analytics projects that will be specified to obtain a more real business context, specifically that of manufacturing companies within their transformation towards Industry 4.0.

The competences acquired in the degree will enable students to specialise or reorientate their professional profile as a manager or expert in the projects covered by the degree.


In collaboration with TECNALIA

Reasons for studing it

  1. Designed for specific professional performance.
  2. It presents a global vision of the reality of the projects that are deployed in the industry and its business and technological needs.
  3. It does not focus only on data analytics, but integrates other phases and key technologies of these industrial projects.
  4. It facilitates the professional reorientation of engineers towards a profile currently demanded by the manufacturing industry.

Research work (10 ECTS)

Final project on a real industrial business scenario.

Starting with an anonymised case of a company in a specific manufacturing sector and access to a raw data dump on which to work, students must go through different phases of a data analytics project, interact with stakeholders and explore different technologies.

Finally, they will present their results and conclusions from a technical and business point of view.

Some of the areas covered by the degree

  • Data Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Predictive Maintenance Industry 4.0
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Learning models from data
  • Data analysis for industry

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Access profile:

Graduates in Computer Engineering, Industrial, Electronics, Telecommunications and other related fields, with 3 years of professional experience. If you have a profile other than those mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Students must bring their own personal computer. Consult the required characteristics.


Posgraduate attached to UPV/EHU

ECTS: 30

Duration: 300 hours

Teaching: On campus

Language: Spanish

Teaching places: IMH Engineering School and Tecnalia

Training schedule: October 2022 - June 2023. Mondays: 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00; Fridays: 15:00-19:00 (alternating weeks)

Cost: 4.200€

Pre-registration: 50 € will be paid as a management fee.

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