Buddy programme



Due to the health alert situation, the program has been temporarily suspended.

What is the Buddy program?

It is a program developed by the International Relations Service to help international students integrate socially and academically into the IMH University School of Dual Engineering.

What does it consist of?

It consists of sponsoring international students who come to study at the School during the next academic year. The objective is to help these international students to incorporate easily into "life at the IMH and in its environment". In return, the student at the School can benefit from meeting people from other countries, cultures, languages, etc., and can also obtain up to 3 credits (which can be used to partially validate the PFI subject in the 4th year)1.

What are the objectives of the Buddy program?

  • To attend the pre-buddy meeting.
  • First contact via e-mail with the assigned visitor.
  • Go to the airport/train station on arrival... and accompany to the accommodation.
  • Explain the means of transport to the School, points of interest in the town where you are staying...
  • Accompany you on your first trip to the School (or if it is not possible to come on the first day of class, make that accompaniment in advance so that the visitor knows how to get there).
  • To integrate international students into the School.
  • To help international students adapt to Basque social life and academic life.
  • To practice a foreign language by both of them.
  • Get to know new people, their languages, their customs, their culture...

What functions should the Buddy perform?

  • To help the international student as much as possible.
  • Receive the foreign student and teach him/her the basics of the school.
  • Integrate him/her into the youth and university environment.
  • Introduce him/her to Basque culture and society until he/she becomes one of them.

What are the advantages of being a Buddy?

  • You will be able to practice languages.
  • You will meet people from all over the world.
  • You will be able to obtain up to 3 credits
    • 1.5 credits: September-June (year in which the international student is learning the Spanish language)
    • 1.5 credits: September-June (1st year of studies in the international student's degree)

How can I be Buddy?

To be an international student's Buddy, you just have to fill in the FORM before July 1st. From July 1st the applications will be analyzed and the International Relations Service will contact you.

If there are more applications than the required number of Buddies, the order of application will be maintained.


1 Please note that the validation of credits must be requested no later than September of the academic year in which you have enrolled in the course.

The unit to be recognized is the complete course, but taking into account the optional nature of the course, there is the possibility of taking into account internally the attendance hours equivalent to the credits provided (1 ECTS = 10 hours), but the course cannot be validated in its entirety (that is, the total number of hours to be taken in the PFI courses will be reduced). As the unit to be validated is the subject, the student will have to pay the registration fees of those credits in full.

2 When granting credits, the assessment of the international student will be taken into account.