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Continuing Vocational Training

Employee training

Go to the catalog of coursesContinuing training is an essential tool that provides employees with the training they may need throughout their working lives, it allows them to:

  • Acquire new and necessary knowledge for their current or future job position
  • Prepare for their own personal and professional promotion

The type of courses that you may find at the IMH are:

  • Modular Course Catalogue: relevant to the Professional Qualification System of the Basque Country, which defines for each sector the competency required for the different job posts. The IMH offers training that has been established by the mechanical manufacturing sector.
  • General Course Catalogue: designed by the IMH in order to respond to the needs of companies; taught at our facilities by experts in the different subjects (also in Basque).
  • Advanced Courses: specialization courses, with the purpose of bringing up to date the knowledge that was already acquired or skills in a specific area.

At the IMH we participate in programs that allow us to offer subsidies and aids for our training courses depending on the course type. Inquiry us about the subsidies of the course you are interested in.