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Sep 09, 2019 Sep 12, 2019 LMXJ 14:30-18:30 Español
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Quality technicians that have to carry out calibrations with basic equipment.



  • To learn about the errors that can be made when carrying out measurements with instruments that are to found in the Training Unit.
  • To carry out the calibration plan with Verniers, external and internal micrometers.
  • To produce calibration procedures.
  • To carry out uncertainty calculations based on GUM.


  • Introduction to Dimensional Metrology, briefly explaining some concepts such as repeatability, uncertainty, influence of temperature, some of these concepts will be seen in practice.
  • Comparison and analysis of the ISO 9001 standard  for equipment calibration.
  • Definition of a Calibration Plan.
  1. Inventory.
  2. Levels diagram.
  3. Equipment life sheet.
  4. Calculation of uncertainty.
  5. Identification.
  6. Calibration certificates.
  • Carrying out a calibration plan and maintenance of a vernier and a micrometer.
  • Maintenance guidelines of the previously mentioned instruments, of the longitudinal blocks (slips), and surface tables.
  • Produce a calibration procedure for a Vernier.
  • To carry out uncertainty calculations based on new calculation technology based on GUM.
Requisitos previos

To have carried out the basic verification course, or have equivalent basic knowledge, of handling and reading verniers or gauges, micrometers or comparator clocks.