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Professionals involved in assembly and maintenance.

  • To interpret technical drawings and specifications of circuits of automatic devices with electrical technology (wiring and programme control), and to identify their components.
  • To analyse electrical wired automatic devices and programme control, identifying the different application areas and describing the typology and features of the equipment and material used for their construction.
  • To configure simple wired automatic devices for automatic control (electric, pneumatic electro-pneumatic, hydraulic and electro hydraulic), and draw up technical documentation necessary to build such devices with adequate means and using standardised symbols.
  • To carry out simulations, based on the required technical documentation, regarding assembly, wiring and functional testing operations of electrical automatic devices using the necessary means according to adequate procedures.
  • Automatic devices. Fundaments.
  • Continuous and sequential processes. Features.
  • Components employed in composing electrical automatons. Relays. Contactors. Sensors and actuators. Protections used. Symbology.
  • Tools, equipment and material used in the assembly and maintenance of electrical automatic devices: Typology, function and properties.
  • Design techniques of wired automatic devices. Control and power.
  • Signalling amd protective elements. Types and features.
  • Assembly techniques and verification of wired automatic devices.
  • Technical manuals. Documentation used for the configuration and production of automatic devices. Automation projects.
  • Sequential automatic systems: Wired and programmed. Employed means and technology.
  • Combinational logia: Basics of binary logic. Basic design of systems. Techniques and procedures.
  • Combinational logic functions.
  • Sequential logia: Basics of sequential systems.
  • Basic sequential functions.
  • Elements and devices in electro-technical technology. Features, application scope and selection criteria. Symbology. Graphic display.
  • Function of each section in the system structure.
  • Different operations of the system and features.
  • Emergency situations that may occur in the automatic process.
  • Fundamental parameters and magnitudes in sequential automatic systems.
  • Performance specifications.
  • Automation projects.
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