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Dirigido a

Professionals involved in manufacturing, assembly and maintenance.

  • To interpret technical drawings and specifications of circuits of automatic devices with electro-pneumatic technology, and to identify their components.
  • To analyse electro-pneumatic circuits, identifying different application areas and describing the typology and features of the equipment and material used for their construction.
  • To carry out simulations, based on the required technical documentation, regarding assembly, wiring and functional testing operations of electro-pneumatic automatic devices using the necessary means according to adequate procedures.

  • Review of the concepts of pneumatics and electricity.
  • Different types of solenoid valves.
  • Electrical items for signal inputs, proximity switches and pressostats.
  • Electrical items for signal processing, relays, time switches.
  • Pneumatic circuits with electrical control.
Requisitos previos

Having done a course in pneumatic automatons.

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