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Dual Engineering


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The School of Dual Engineering of IMH Elgoibar links via cooperative methodology, the academic training and work in the company, that makes the students for four years. It is directly related to the need for companies to have a team to fit its needs, and seeks the best training for engineers by integrating them in it.

Dual Engineering, as it is developed in parallel in the company and in the training center, allows the students to know the reality of business and target their studies to the requirements of the companies.

As a result of this study methodology engineers will have a great capacity to assume responsibilities in technical and management areas as well as to have a large business knowledge. It is a multidisciplinary engineering: a set of subjects taught in the last two courses allows students to develop a critical view, to be able to analyze and improve or innovate products and / or processes of their company. This is an innovative model of higher education in engineering, applied successfully for some time in Europe. We are pioneers in using this methodology in the Spanish state.

Places available

50 places.

Cut-off grade

Not be required.

Type of education


Vehicular languages

Basque, Spanish and English
NOTE: Not all subjects are taught in this degree all these languages.

Venue for classes and address

Institute of Machine Tool Elgoibar
Dual College of Engineering
Azkue auzoa, 1-20870 Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa)

Clerical information:

Name: Itziar Egiguren.
Email: ingeniaritza.ehu[at] / itziar[at]
Phone: +34 943 744132/ +34 943 748264

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