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Curriculum Vocational Training


The ‘IMH Awards’ is one of the Curricular Vocational Training promotional initiatives established by the Management of the Machine Tool Institute in agreement with the Governing Board of the Foundation for Technical Training in Machine Tools.


The Machine Tool Institute is well aware of both the contribution made by those trained in the IMH to the local production sector, and the potential of those currently studying in the centre. The idea of the IMH Awards is to highlight this contribution and pay tribute to those students who have done exceptionally well both during their training period and in their subsequent professional career.

Outstanding FORMER STUDENT 2017

An ex-pupil will be awarded a corporate sculpture of the IMH in recognition of his or her career.

Outstanding Student of YEAR 2017

The distinguished student will receive a scholarship allowance of 300 euros.

Student of elgoibar, 2017 year

The distinguished student from Elgoibar will receive a picture from the Town Hall of Elgoibar, and a grant to study one IMH Continous Training course during the academic course.

Outstanding challenges / Teamwork recognition

Outstanding evolution of the teams of students in the realization in their CHALLENGES during their training process. Award-bonus will be awarded.

The award giving ceremony

It will take place on June the 15th at 17:30 in the Alberto Ortueta Conference Hall of the IMH of Elgoibar.