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Cooperative Vocational Training

Dual Vocational Training in Cooperative system (combining studies and work), in higher vocational training.

DUAL Vocational Training involves the progressive introduction of dual "study and work" in higher vocational. DUAL Vocational Training main features include:

  • Its for young people over 16 and under 30.
  • It is a learning process that takes place in the training center and in the company and is reflected in an agreement to be signed between the company, the student and the school (IMH). It should have a tutor in the teaching center and a tutor in the company.
  • Work activity is based on a contract for training and learning of one year, which includes reductions in employers' social security contributions. There is a business support in tutoring 2,000 € / student / year.
  • The IMH design together with the company a specific project that includes: individual programming agreed, work-schedule, and time distribution, the provision for attention to students in times to school attendance, the description of the selection process, the procedure agreed coordination, monitoring and evaluation of training and forecasts for cases of giving up.
  • The IMH draw up a first list of potential candidates, using criteria related to prior assessment is made of the degree of maturity and competence development, languages, or others; which will be made available to enterprises to conduct the final selection based on their criteria and procedures.

These are the specializations of higher vocational training of the Machine Tool Institute which take part in the Dual Professional Training: Industrial Mechatronics, Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing and Design in Mechanical Manufacturing.

Dual Vocational Training is a program launched by the Basque Government.