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Educational innovation and transfer

Services / Products

From the very beginning of the IMH, the ITE team has provided various types of services, both large and small.   These range from training in curricular design to designing and starting up technical training centres in several countries.

Some of the services/products offered by ITE are listed below:

  • Updating the curriculum based on competences.

  • Implementing a system of technical training based on competences.

  • Tailoring technical and educational competences.

  • The integration of a management model in the education centre which will ensure sustainability.

  • Designing and providing training for professionals in education.

  • Modernising the centre's equipment.

  • Updating teaching materials.

  • Broadening the range of training with new courses and e-learning courses.

  • Designing and starting up a technical training centre (PDF:115.9kb)

  • Training catalogue (e-learning and classroom training) (PDF:123.6kb):

        • Designing the curriculum based on competences.

        • Educational training.

        • Evaluating training.

        • New methods applied to technical training.

        • Drawing up guidelines for teachers and students.
        • Managing centres.
        • Quality applied to education processes.
        • Managing projects.
        • Post-graduate trainer training
        • Post-graduate in managing centres.
        • Technical training