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New signings for Curriculum Vocational Training Cycles in IMH

Sep 08, 2011
The official wellcome for students of the first course of Cycles was held this week, toghether with several former student's speeches. Students of Cooperative Engineering, first course, will begin their training on 12 September.

After an intensive English training course, students of the first course attended the wellcome ceremony last 6th of September. 191 pupils will study  Curriculum Vocational Training Cycles in IMH from Elgoibar. this year, 96 the firts course and 95 the second one. 43 come from Elgoibar (22,5%) and 11 are women (6%), similar figures of last year.

Figures per speciality and in the high-level: 27 students study Design of Production by Machining, 25 Production by Machining Scheduling, and 55 Industrial Equipment Maintenance. On the middle-level side, 45 study machining and 28 Installation and electro-mechanical maintenance of machinery and line laying.

On the other hand the first course' students of IMH Coop Engineering will start the academic course on September the 12th and after a month of intensive academic training, after October 13th they will start working in enterprises (cooperative training). The second-year students are on their abroad stage, working for 12 weeks in a foreign company. The third-year students will present the industrial project in October, meanwhile, they continue working three days per week in a company and attending lessons two days per week in IMH. Average 100 people study and work in IMH Cooperative Engineening in Elgoibar.