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Learn&Fly Erasmus+ face to face meeting

Feb 02, 2018
Getting inspired by aeronautics, and through innovative and attractive methods, Learn & Fly will try to cope with the poor performance in the basic skills related to the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

On February 1rst and 2nd, Learn&Fly partners have celebrated the First Face-2-face meeting in IMH, Elgoibar, in order to analyze the current state of the project, and above all to outline the plans for the next months of project implementation.

Learn & Fly  ERASMUS+ project is a strategic alliance with educational centers aimed at addressing / working the poor performance in the basic skills related to the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), in the world of aeronautics using teaching methods innovative and attractive.

The Learn & Fly project will develop educational materials that can be used by the teaching staff in any of the different subjects taught in their classrooms.

By focusing on the aviation sector, one of the most complete in Europe, it will also help to promote entrepreneurship. The exercises and materials of the STEM kit (SREM package) of Learn & Fly will be aimed at the final idea of ​​building an airplane using simple materials and checking its operation, ie its ability to fly.

This is a practical and interesting activity, which is associated with a broader challenge, where students from different centers and even from different countries will work collaboratively and / or compete while learning at the same time. The Learn & Fly program will also provide specific information on the possible educational, training and professional paths that can be taken in the field of aeronautics.

The main objectives of the Learn & Fly project are:

  • Address the poor performance in basic skills in the field of mathematics, science and literacy through more effective and innovative teaching methods using the world of aeronautics as inspiration.
  • Support the centers (but more especially the teaching staff) to address the problem of school drop-out at an early age, providing information and materials on career opportunities in the field of aeronautics and the different education / training paths that are available to be able to carry it out.

The project partners are:

INNPULS Sp. z o.o. (coordination of the project)
INOVA+ Innovation Services S.A.
Quasar Human Capital
Instituto Politecnico De Setubal (IPS)
Fundacja Wspierania Edukacji przy Stowarzyszeniu “Dolina Lotnicza”  (FAV)

Learn&Fly Erasmus+ face to face meeting

Learn&Fly Erasmus+ Project kick off meeting in IMH