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Inmigration-industry 3rd Conference

Apr 08, 2010
On April 29 readings and experiences in a new context will be presented in Elgoibar IMH , with the participation of the Directorate of Immigration of the Basque Government, Niace from England, City of Eibar, Armeria Eskola and IMH.

Title: 3rd Immigration-Industry Conference


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Presentations used by speakers

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  • Phone 34 943 74 41 32 or enter here
  • If you choose to continue the conference through internet, please register in advance.

Who can be interested?

  • Social agents, teachers, vocational training community
  • All those interested in intercultural and job recruitment processes



  • 09:15 register and documentation
  • 09:30. Wellcome. Mr. Joxean Egaña. Director of IMH
  • 09:35 "New areas of action arising from the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs". Mr.  Miguel Angel Gonzalez. Director of Immigration of the Basque Government.
  • 10:00 "Reading from the social services" of the City of Eibar. Mr. Benja Atutxa President of the Commission for Social Action and Mr. Gorka Errasti, Technical Immigration, City of Eibar.
  • 10:30 "European Experiences in Interculturalityl." Ms. Janne Watts, Program Director of NIACE, Adult Continuing Education (United Kingdom).
  • 11:15 Break. Coffe.
  • 11:30 "Bat-Integra Eginez Program of Debabarrena, Ms. Ana Isabel Vicente, prospector formation of the Association of Former Students of Armeria Eskola.
  • 11:50 "New approaches. Presentation of the platform and the results of Inmigramek Course Personal Development and Career Guidance" Mr. Aitor Muniozguren, Mr. Iker Jausoro, Ms Leire Alberdi, Mr. Rafael Fournier and students of the course (staff of the Institute of Machine Tools).
  • 12:45 Discussion and closing.




We arrived at the third edition of the Immigration-Industry Conference in a time when we face a difficult context and that we should respond by showing that we are able to adapt to this environment that we had heard many times that it was changing and it is shown it is, and also can change for worse.


We approach this issue with the aim of showing initiatives and experiences that have been and are going to implement and which cover both immigrants and non immigrants at risk of social exclusion. We also hope that at least some of the presentations will show a certain component ofinnovation both in its dynamics or content.


The Conference will be open by the Director of Immigration of the Basque Government, institution financing the project of the IMH "Professional integration for immigrants in the mechanical manufacturing sector: Adapting to the new socio-economic environment".


We have tried to accommodate in the program presented in this conference to the axes of action arising from the Basque Government, the current view of reality from the municipal social services, approaches that are being made from some training resources in the Debabarrena and even to make a small "pick-up" to Europe to hear an experience that we hope will be interesting.


The event will be broadcast live over the Internet and can be commented / questioned on-line.


To complete the day we just need your presence and fulfill your expectations. We hope so.