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In February, the IMH will host the curriculum vocational training project "The Gap"

Feb 03, 2012
In the fourth phase of the project a group of teachers and students of curriculum vocational training from Norway, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Finland and Euskadi will meet in Elgoibar.


Next meeting of The Gap Between Skills and School Skills Factory , a "Leonardo da Vinci" curriculum vocational training project, will be hold in Elgoibar between the 6th and 10th of February. The previous meetings have been taken place in Denmark, Norway, Northern Ireland and Finland and in each of them four students and two teachers from each educational centre have participated. The schools concerned ar Videregående Laksevåg Skole, SDE College, Northern Regional College, Jyväskylä Educational Consortium JAO and IMH.

"The Gap" project offers the participants the opportunity to know more about industry and curriculum vocational training system in the environment of each partner involved.

The 30 participants of the meeting in Elgoibar will visit Soraluce, Launik, Bost, Mondragon Assembly and Tornos Guruzpe companies, and will discussed an issue or a process. To assist in this task, students from the IMH School of Cooperative Engineering working in these companies will be their guides during the visits.

In this phase, the IMH students participating will be of the first course of advanced level training: Alberto Martinez and Aitor Izagirre from Design by Production by Machining, Asier Murillo and Alain Peña from Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Beñat Sierra from Programming Production by Machining.

The last meeting will be held in April in Finland. Finally, the IMH, as the project coordinator, will present the final report, with contributions from all partners.