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Technical services

Along with the IMH policies of providing answers to the needs of companies we also put at your disposal a series of technical services.

With this service we hope to improve companies’ production systems and help them to adequately respond to their clients and employees training needs.

The IMH offers ist TECHNICAL SERVICES through our TKgune Manufacturing network

What does IMH offer to Companies?

  • We analyse your existing processes, suggesting and performing actions to achieve improvement, reduce manufacturing time, adapt machines, etc.
  • We can also simulate alternative operations and processes to avoid interference with your production line and can analyse the results to confirm or reject hypotheses.
  • Furthermore, we can help you to consider, design and test completely innovative processes.
  • We can therefore carry out the preliminary study, including the appropriate tests to confirm the efficacy and stability of the new alternative.
  • We guide and accompany you in the innovation of products, contributing our technical, technological,productive point of view and providing you with tools for creativity, product analysis, etc.
  • In our workshops you can manufacture and test prototypes and materials, optimise manufacturing processes and even test the market for the new product with a trial run.
  • We can also bring you the viewpoint of machine tool manufacturers with respect to the appropriate machinery for manufacturing your product.